Our Group’s Aims

There are over 400 children in the Northampton area with some degree of  hearing loss. Most deaf children go to a mainstream school and they are often the only deaf child in their class or even in their school. It is really important for them to have regular contact with other deaf children – that is where we come in.

We are Northamptonshire Deaf Children’s Society, a local charity supporting families with deaf children across the county. Known locally as Shine, we are an affiliated group of  the National Deaf Children’s Society and our registered charity number is 1160849.

We meet on an informal basis on the last Saturday of the month (exc May, Aug & Dec). Our current venue is Pastures Community Centre, Kingsthorpe NN2 8PN and we meet up between 12.30 and 3.00pm.  At our group sessions, the children have lots of fun with arts and crafts, games, sports and the XBox. Parents can meet, chat and gain mutual support. All forms of communication are encouraged and supported.

Every few months we have a guest speaker – a deaf role model, who gives us all a lot of inspiration! Or a professional to answer any questions.

Our tireless fundraising gives us the opportunity to subsidise some exciting days out during school holidays and of course the Christmas Panto!

We are a local source of support for deaf children and their families. 80% of deaf children are born into hearing families with no experience of hearing loss. It is very daunting to be told your child is deaf and sharing experiences with others in the same situation as you can be really helpful.

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‌  Address: Northampton. NN4
‌  E-mail:northamptonshire@ndcsgroup.org.uk
‌  Phone: 07597 221165

Registered charity number: 1160849

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